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The Red Bull Rapids Homemade Boat Race Isn’t For the Faint of Heart!

For those unfamiliar with the Red Bull Rapids competition, the event is an absolutely great time hosted by the energy drink company, Red Bull, which puts competitors in the water. Essentially, the idea behind the competition is to have all competitors create their very own vessel in order to make it down a whitewater rapids course. This is something that’s a bit easier said than done.

The idea of creating something that can float in the water is complicated enough. Having something that can both hold together and stay stable in some pretty intense water conditions is another story entirely. Therefore, the results end up being equal parts comical and entertaining as competitors do their best to make it down the challenging obstacle course. It’s pretty apparent that some of the competitors are a bit more mechanically inclined than others as well.

The creations are incredibly diverse as people have all sorts of different ideas about what it is that’s going to make its way down such a rough and tumble section of water. This time, there were many different competitors but one that caught our eye, in particular, was created by a couple of folks who decided that they wanted to put together an imitation floating F1 car, donning the Red Bull logo.

This time, with the help of YouTube creator, Mr Lowe, we get to ride along for the Red Bull Rapids USA competition as many steps to the plate and few succeed. We definitely can’t help but be entertained at all of the different ideas here that come together to try to conquer the stretch of water.

Down below, we invite you to check in with the situation for yourself and tell us which of these competitors you think deserves the most credit for their build. Do you think that you would have what it takes to compete in a competition like this?