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The World’s Biggest & Most Powerful Center Console Boat

When it comes to finding the perfect boat, the awesome thing about the industry is that there’s a little bit of something for everybody. On one hand, we might have somebody who likes to go fishing a lot, and on the other, perhaps we find a family that needs comfort and utility. These are just a couple of examples of what one might need out of a boat that they’d choose to buy.

With that, we find two different categories of vessels out there on the water. In one category, we find purpose-built vessels. This is normally where we would traditionally find something like a center console that is designed for fishing. However, as the years have gone on, the center console has definitely evolved to a point where it does so much more than that. As such, a lot of center consoles end up falling into a second category that acts as a hybrid between different types of functionality.

In fact, when we take a look at a machine like the Hcb Estrella, we might even argue that it has transitioned away from fishing entirely. Instead of being a dedicated fishing vessel, this thing seems to offer a little bit of everything. From comfort to luxury and even high-end amenities, this boat really leaves no stone unturned in creating what appears to be an entertainer’s dream on the water.

For those looking to add one of these vessels that goes above and beyond to their own personal collection, it’s going to come with quite the price. Packed with 6,600 hp worth of Mercury Outboard engines, the gorgeous vessel is going to set its new owner back some $4.25 million. However, what we can say about that price point is that it’ll be buying one of the most impressive boats on the water as the biggest and most powerful center console that floats! Built By – Hcb Estrella For sale – sltcollection  

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