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The World’s Smallest Mini Aircraft – Tiniest Man Carrying Planes in the World

Here’s a question that we never thought we would find ourselves pondering: How small of an aircraft would you feel safe taking up into the sky?

We aren’t necessarily talking about a private jet. Oh no, in this case, we need to think much smaller. While most people probably won’t make it past a commercial airliner in terms of choosing how they want to fly, many have decided to create their own personal aviation vehicles that are much tinier than that.

In fact, some might even be chasing down the record of having the smallest manned aircraft in the entire world. To these adventure seekers, it seems like an exciting opportunity to do something new. We are sure that the view from one of these tiny little birds is absolutely amazing from the sky as well. However, for folks like myself, it seems like quite a terrifying adventure that would take quite a bit of courage to be able to take on.

This time, we join in with a compilation video that shows off some of the smallest manned aircraft in the world. The list really delivers as these tiny little planes and drones seem almost too impossible to be true especially when considering the fact that they carry around full-size human beings.

Perhaps one day, personal drone technology might come around to make something like this more common but for the time being, these miniature airplanes are definitely a sight to behold. After checking out this list, do you think that you would feel comfortable flying around in any of these bite-sized aircraft? It has to be quite an interesting and efficient way to travel but on the other hand, we’re not too sure that everyone is going to be chomping at the bit to try it out, either.

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