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This Might be the Most Insane Recovery We’ve Ever Seen

Operating a tow truck is difficult enough under normal conditions. Now, just imagine taking that tow truck going off of the beaten path a little bit. Not only does the operator have to worry about being able to get to the vehicle in question that needs to be recovered. Once you get there, it’s probably also going to be a rather sizable challenge to be able to pull the stranded vehicle to safety without putting your own rig in danger!

This time, we get to ride along for an adventure that most rock climbers probably think about often before it happens. For those who like to take their Jeep on an off-road exploration, what happens if it breaks down out there? After all, off-road vehicles that are climbing through the rocks are taken quite a beating. Everything from the driveshaft to the engine and both of the differentials are under a lot of stress. What if something gives out and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere?

This time, we get to find out exactly that as we come across a Jeep with a blown engine right in the middle of rock climbing. This engine couldn’t have picked a worse time to conk out. Fortunately, though, the owner of this particular ride is in lick as there is an off-road recovery team that’s willing to come out and save the vehicle.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery has put together a YouTube channel with some pretty challenging recovery efforts featured. This one has to be toward the top if we were to guess.

The video below is nothing short of an absolute adventure as a tow truck ventures into uncharted territory to recover the Jeep Wrangler that just needed a helping hand. Had the recovery team not come along and save the Jeep, we would guess that it would’ve made for a pretty interesting call to the insurance company.