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This New Truck Tech Makes Your Pickup WORSE!

When pickup trucks originally came on the market, they were designed for one thing and one thing only – to get work done. Early pickups weren’t any sort of luxury vehicle and didn’t even really have any features that one might find on a sedan. Instead, they were bare-bones basic rides that had a bed attached just so that somebody could haul things around at a job site.

Fast forward and over time, the line between trucks and luxury vehicles has been blurred. Today, if somebody wanted to buy a pickup truck that’s outfitted just as well as a Mercedes-Benz, they could do exactly that. There are few bells and whistles that one might want that they couldn’t find in a wide variety of pickup truck offerings available these days.

However, even though trucks feel as if pickups might be at a point where they have run through an entire lifecycle of features, that’s simply not the case. Even though today, we might not know what could be better about some of the trucks on the market, tomorrow, something will be designed or invented that is going to bring forward the utility factor or comfort factor of some of America’s favorite nameplates in the truck market.

This time, we tune in with the crew over at The Fast Lane Truck as they break down some of the new truck techs that is on the market these days. With a very competitive market, each manufacturer is doing its best to try and take its shot at claiming the top spot. While the evolution of new ideas can be exciting to watch, sometimes, these plans just don’t pan out. Below, we check in with our hosts as they run us through some of their favorite and least favorite new features that one might find on a modern pickup.