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Tour Travis Pastrana’s Iconic Pastranaland Compound

When it comes to living a dream, there aren’t very many people who do it much better than Travis Pastrana. In order to see how this dream comes to life, all we have to do is take one look at his house. For most people, they look for different features in a house like kitchens or potentially bedrooms that will fit their needs. However, Pastrana was looking for just a little bit more than that when he created Pastrana land.

Naturally, this action sports all-star has blown up so big at this point that he could probably build just about whatever he wanted. Therefore, in his home state of Maryland, Pastrana constructed the ultimate paradise for those who are in love with action sports. If you have any interest in riding something that goes in the dirt or off of ramps, this is absolutely the place that you’re going to want to be.

He didn’t stop at a simple setup, either. Instead, there are a wide variety of different features that make his Annapolis backyard more like an adrenaline junkie playground than anything else. We can’t help but love every second of it as we realize that this is a vision coming to life. There aren’t very many people who are going to be able to follow through with something so wild so watching Pastrana execute is definitely a joy.

Down in the video below, we check out exactly why you should never give up on your dreams. If your dream is slinging a dirt bike off of a jump and getting paid for it, this just goes to show that it could pay off big time if you double down and really stay invested in the big picture. Watching this video is nothing short of a big dose of inspiration.