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Trying to Make a Forgotten ’75 K5 Blazer Breathe Life Once Again

One of the unfortunate things about cars is that they can’t live forever. While we can definitely get some good mileage out of cars that are well taken care of, mother nature is constantly working against us. Even some road cars that are regularly maintained can start to build up rust after a while. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine that a vehicle sitting in a field can end up becoming a shell of its former self within just a couple of years.

With that, there are all sorts of cars and trucks sitting around in fields and barns around the world, just waiting to be saved. While some of them aren’t necessarily worth restoring or giving the effort to, others could definitely be revived to live a worthwhile life once again.

This time, we’re not exactly sure if the vehicle in question would ever be a showpiece. However, what we do know is that the K5 Chevrolet Blazer is something that is definitely coming back en vogue once again. It seems like this era of trucks has been rising in both price and popularity recently. This one, though, is destined to be used as a vehicle to help move other vehicles around in a field.

In any case, regardless of if this Blazer can be expected to be loved ever again, it’s pretty neat to see it breathe life again. It doesn’t matter if we absolutely love a car or couldn’t care less about a specific model, seeing any classic sit in the field is kind of sad as we think about the potential that it could’ve had.

Down in the video below, the crew from Vice Grip Garage does their best to try and bring this classic truck back to life once again. Will the SUV that has been sitting for over a decade be able to start up and be helpful or is it doomed to rust away for eternity in the same spot that it sits in?