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Uber Rider Rips Off Driver’s Mask, Coughs on Him During Meltdown – Now the Cops Are Looking For Her

The more we browse the internet, the less faith we have in humanity.

An incident unfolded in a Bay Area Uber this week that many will find disturbing. As a rider using the app hopped into her Uber, it appears that she was eventually asked to exit the car because she wasn’t observing the company’s mask policy. This wasn’t just any rider, though, as apparently, this unfortunate driver ended up running into a customer whose mental maturity was stunted before she hit the third grade.

In response to being asked to exit the vehicle, the woman completely had a meltdown. We’re talking level 10 temper tantrums here, folks. This meltdown included ripping the mask off of the driver’s face along with coughing in his face, claiming “and I got Corona.”

It’s almost hard to believe that there are adults walking around who act like this.

Throwing a Temper Tantrum on The Gram

Following the incident, it’s no shocker that this bottom feeder of an individual decided to take to Instagram to try and speak her side of the story. Unfortunately, there was no positive reflection and admission of wrongdoing. Instead, her take on the matter was “I’m finna sue Uber, they saw the whole video so they know they are dead** wrong, so where my check at?”

It’s Ok, I Ride With Lyft Anyway

Apparently proud of acting like a child who needs to be sent to the principal’s office, the customer proclaimed “That’s why I take Lyft!” multiple times in the video. Unfortunately for her, Lyft also decided to give her the boot almost immediately.

Lyft took to Twitter, reminding everyone to “respect one another and be a good person.”

Police Action

It appears as if the last domino to fall will be if the police take action or not. Violently coughing in someone’s face after ripping off their mask isn’t exactly legal, even without a pandemic going on. Therefore, we would be left to assume that this would be a pretty open and shut case if Uber or the driver wanted to press charges. Last year, a man was arrested on terrorism charges after claiming he had Corona and coughing on customers in a Walmart.

A spokesperson from the San Fransisco PD told TMZ “After the suspects exited the car one of the passengers reached into an open window and sprayed what is believed to be pepper spray into the car and towards the driver. The suspects fled and cops are now looking for them. SFPD says anyone with information should call its tip line.”