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UFC Icon, Conor McGregor, Hit by “Full Speed” Car While Riding Bike

UFC star, Conor McGregor ended up in quite the situation late in January. According to a video that McGregor posted on Instagram but has since removed, a man in a car ran over McGregor who was riding his bike. The UFC star frequently uses his bike as a method of training. Apparently, the motorist didn’t see the MMA star because of the sun when he ran him over.

McGregor could be heard on video saying “He f*cking creamed me from the back.” Immediately wondering if he was ok, we looked for clues within the video and things looked promising as McGregor kept repeating “All good, all good” as the motorist apologized profusely. However, McGregor followed up with “I could have been dead” and “I’m still here, thank God, that’s all that matters.”

When attempting to pick up the pieces, the fighter noticed that his bike was pretty mangled but the motorist who goes by the name of Nick was willing to give him a ride.

In the since-removed Instagram post, McGregor said “A sun trap, the driver couldn’t see me. Full speed straight thru me. Thank you, God, it wasn’t my time. Thank you for wrestling and judo also. Having an awareness on the landing saved my life.”

It’s certainly not every day that you end up running over one of the world’s most popular athletes with your car. We’re certainly no doctors but perhaps McGregor’s otherworldly physique and awareness helped him to absorb the impact a bit better. Fortunately, this seems to be a minor setback, if any, for any future fight plans that McGregor may have.

Below, a quick-fingered YouTuber was able to capture the video before it was deleted, allowing concerned fans to witness the interaction that helps shed a bit more confidence on the thought that their favorite fighter seems to be alright after the situation that is nothing short of scary.

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