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Farmtruck and AZN ROAST Tires for MLK Day

If we’re talking about the number of toys in the garage, Farmtruck and AZN certainly have plenty of them. After spending an entire season of their very own reality show building just about every sort of off-the-wall hot rod that one could possibly think of, the repertoire has grown past the couple of vehicles that they already had before and has now taken on a personality of its own.

This time, we get to ride along as a couple of these more recent endeavors are broken out to see exactly how they can be put to use.

A recent vlog video takes us to an MLK day parade that features a lot of hot rods. For this parade, the dynamic duo decides that they’re going to break out of their old school Cadillac burnout car known as “dark roast” along with their prison bus and skid truck to have a little bit of fun.

The vlog starts off with the crew trying to figure out the perfect place to do burnouts. Because Dark Roast creates quite an insane amount of smoke, the idea was to find somewhere that they wouldn’t cause wrecks in traffic or have other dangerous things happening because of the clouds being created by the wild machine.

Of course, with wacky creations like this, mechanical issues had to rear their heads as well so we get to see exactly how the crew deals with that and continues on having a great time on this MLK day parade.

By following along below, we get to witness a lot of horsepower and camaraderie as some of these incredibly fun builds are broken out and put to use as the spectators go wild. It’s hard not to admire just how much of a beating these guys are willing to put their rigs through. Follow Lou 405 Photo on Instagram and Facebook.

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