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Uncovering an Epic Ford F-100 Short Bed Barn Find + Other Cars and Their Stories

No matter how many barn finds are unearthed along the way, we continue to remain in awe with the many new stories that are constantly being discovered.  There are always awesome machines to be found, whether they are hidden in the weeds as mother nature has begun to reclaim them or they find themselves beneath a stack of junk in the garage as they’ve been sitting over the decades.

Perhaps most interestingly, each of these rides have their own story that has brought them to where they are today. Sure, the cars themselves are awesome but being able to hear about the history attached to these things really makes them come to life. Without the stories behind them, they’re just cool looking and exciting hunks of rolling metal, right? The history takes the liberty of adding another depth to the allure of these incredible machines that have fought Father Time himself.

This time, we follow Hagerty down to Charlotte, NC, to check in with a barn find that features a couple of interesting inhabitants.

Things get started off with a 1966 Ford F100 pickup truck featuring a short bed and minimal rust. One of the most awesome features of this truck is that it was purchased back in 1966 by the current owner’s uncle. It’s always cool to hear about a vehicle that has remained in the family for so long.

Before we know it, we’re on to the next member of the collection, a Plymouth Barracuda that has also been in possession of the unit for quite some time. This is another car that he bought when it was just about new at the age of 18 and now has 367,000 miles on it.

In the video below, we get treated to these stories and more as yet another awesome but hidden collection is unearthed.