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What Happens When You Plug in a “Suic*de Cord” Into Both Sides of an Outlet?

Ever since we were young, we were warned to not go near the electrical outlet unless we happened to be plugging something in. As the open hole in the wall seems like somewhere a toddler might want to stick a metal object, it’s hopefully an idea that has been ingrained in people’s heads. Certainly, we would never want to take a double-ended cable and plug it into both outlets at the same time… Or would we?

While all of the aforementioned advice is probably a good idea on most days, this time, we check in with what would happen if that last item on the list actually did occur. With a little item known as a s*icide cord, that is, a cable with two plugged ends that could be plugged into both receptacles within a single outlet at the same time, that exact phenomenon is put to the test and we’re certainly ready for something to explode or the Earth to stop spinning on its axis.

Now, if we asked most people what they thought was going to happen in such a situation, we would think that the answers would probably range in all different forms of catastrophe. Of course, the vast majority of folks are probably going to say that they foresee some sort of spark show and maybe even a little bit of fire thrown into the mix as well.

This time, thanks to YouTube creator, Silver Cymbal, the guesswork is taken out of the equation as we check in with the situation that we definitely wouldn’t recommend trying at home. In this particular demonstration, not only do we get to see the epic results of what happens when you plug a cable into both receptacles but we also get the breakdown of why exactly the result came about and what’s going on inside of this electrical device that creates such an outcome.

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