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What’s happening with Goliath? Exclusive Hint!

Now that the chaos surrounding Daddy Dave’s new Audi racing machine has settled, there are a couple of questions that have been circulating about his racing operation.

As fans get excited and geared up for the quickly approaching No Prep Kings to see the Audi in action, some just simply couldn’t help but wonder what exactly was going to happen to Dave’s now-expired NPK hero, Goliath. The racer had made quite an impact on the NPK circuit with the Chevrolet Nova. As a consistent top competitor, perhaps Goliath would be worth a large sum of money for the right buyer.

However, instead of fishing around to see what the iconic Chevy is worth, Dave has other plans. It seems as if he will keep Goliath in action to some extent.

After taking a bit of a break from YouTube, Dave hopped back on his vlog channel, Daddy Dave Racing, to give fans an update, including the fact that he plans on retiring Goliath from NPK. The car isn’t going to be retired entirely, though, as Dave plans to take it back to the street, the surface that the car was built for.

In addition, he informed us that the car isn’t going to be ditching its 28-inch small tire setup, either. Much like the current state of the Street Outlaws show that gives fans a little bit of a throwback to simpler times with simpler builds, Dave tells us that Goliath on a 28-inch tire turns the clocks back to the old days.

Below, we get the full state of the union on Dave’s garage but it isn’t limited to Goliath. We also get a tour of the Monte Carlo that he has been working on as Dave gives fans the details that they have been hungry for!