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Daddy Dave Spills the Juicy Details on the Monte Carlo, Shows us the Build Process

For those who have been following along with Street Outlaws, let’s just say that the show has gone backward a little bit. In the most recent rendition of the reality show that showcases the street racing crew from the 405, Street Outlaws: End Game has elected to leave the big tire race cars behind and have the competitors build machines that are closer to the ones that they started with when the show first aired.

These machines that will be a bit more relatable are supposed to be able to drive to the race spot, make a couple of passes, and drive right on back home all without the help of a trailer.

Over the first couple of episodes of the new season, we have checked in as different competitors have prepared their machines to do battle. One familiar face that has been missing from the mix, though, is Daddy Dave. While Dave has been busy handling other parts of his operation, he is still in the midst of creating a build for the new show. In the meantime, he’s going to raise his Chevrolet S10.

Behind the scenes, though, Dave has been hard at work and this time, we get to tune in to see exactly what he has been up to. In this drop from Daddy Dave Racing, we get to follow along with his new Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS as Dave spills the beans on exactly what is going to be done to the car.

To power the machine, the idea is to go with an LS-based ProCharged combination from Thompson Motorsports. Down in the video below, Dave heads over to Thompson Motorsports to pick up the new motor combo, give us a quick tour, and show off a little bit of what the shop has been working on for the Monte. We also get a couple of other details on the build including a turbo 400 transmission, air conditioning system, and more!