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WhistlinDiesel Topped Himself, Flew a Helicopter Inside of His Shop

Just when you thought you had seen it all, WhistlinDiesel comes along and puts out another video where he cranks up his thirst for destruction. The popular YouTuber has managed to stay in the center of controversy for his entire YouTube career as he has really pushed the limits on what’s possible when you just want to blow things up.

What started with destroying a SEMA truck elevated to beating up on rare exotic cars and collector-grade imports and now takes on an entirely new face in the sky.

When the YouTube creator picked up his own personal helicopter, we would think that most who are familiar with the channel knew that things were going to get insane. Just how risky he would be with something that can fly was an entirely different question to answer.

Well, for those who have been patiently waiting, the answer is finally here and it is definitely destructive. However, it seems as if our host is being extra cautious and courteous of everyone else as he decided to keep it safe and fly the helicopter inside instead of dropping it out of the sky.

In an act that we aren’t sure has ever been considered by anyone up until this point, our host takes his newfound helicopter and sends it up into the air inside of his own shop. While nobody is behind the controls except for a mannequin, that doesn’t stop destruction from coming as the helicopter eventually runs out of room and bashes into a wall.

You can’t just buy a helicopter, wreck it once, and call it a video, though.

Therefore, the creative minds behind the destruction come up with several other ways to put this chopper to use including hanging it from the ceiling with chains and spinning it around in circles among other activities. This is one that you truly have to see to believe and it can be witnessed down below.

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