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Why Are Factory Boosted American V8s Always Supercharged and Never Turbocharged? Let’s Explore.

For enthusiasts seeking to extract more horsepower from their engines without increasing the displacement, power adders offer an array of options to achieve this goal in spades. Superchargers, nitrous, and turbochargers have revolutionized the performance potential of engines, enabling them to far surpass their factory capabilities.

Of course, nitrous isn’t something that you’ll find in a factory stock vehicle, however, both superchargers and turbochargers, can be found strapped to various engines straight from the factory.

In the realm of high-performance sports cars, American muscle cars tend to lean towards superchargers, while imported cars with smaller displacement engines often opt for turbos. Although each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, why do these industry norms generally prevail? While American muscle cars have never come equipped with a V8 and a turbocharger from the factory, the aftermarket scene is filled with V8 owners bolting on turbochargers to unleash greater power so why aren’t brands like Chevrolet and Ford following suit?

In a recent video by the 357 SPEED YouTube channel, the host delves into the reasons behind these trends. The video not only explores the intricacies of different forms of forced induction but also delves into how they affect power consumption, temperature changes, and other crucial factors. Understanding these metrics becomes crucial when considering the purchase of a factory-boosted vehicle.

By understanding the nuances of superchargers, turbochargers, and other forms of forced induction, enthusiasts can make informed decisions when it comes to enhancing the performance of their engines and why manufacturers make the choices that they do. Whether it’s the immediate throttle response of a supercharger or the power potential of a turbocharger, the choice depends on various factors, including engine characteristics, vehicle application, and personal preferences.

As the pursuit of horsepower continues to push the boundaries of automotive performance, power adders remain an integral part of the enthusiast landscape. From factory installations to aftermarket upgrades, these technologies provide a means for enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of their engines and experience exhilarating performance on and off the track.