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With This 3D Printed Gadget, Wheel Fitment Testing has Never Been Easier

One of the most commonly asked questions on automotive forms has to be “Will (insert wheel size) fit on my car with (insert modifications)?” These days, the question has most certainly evolved to become a frequently asked question on Facebook groups as well. However, the sentiment remains the same as enthusiasts have always wanted to find the perfect fitting wheel for their ride and it’s not always easily done.

Sure, some folks can just slap on a set of common wheels and call it a day but other enthusiasts are looking for something a little bit different, whether it’s a particular stance or trying to figure out just how small of a wheel they can fit on the back of a car for drag racing.

Up until now, unless you’re willing to go out and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a wheel fitment tool which will also require that you have tires on hand as well, forum research has been about as handy as it gets. Because most of us aren’t going to spend big money on complicated tools for this one particular purpose, we’ve been left to pray that the friendly strangers on the internet know what they’re talking about before potentially spending thousands of dollars.

However, one creative individual decided to use 3D printing technology to come up with a tool that seems to give the user a pretty good idea of if a particular wheel will fit or not. By adjusting several settings on the tool, including diameter, width, and offset, the user will be shown where the outer lip of the wheel will sit in the wheel well.

Down in the video below, we get to see the tool in action as it showcases how certain wheels might or might not fit on just about any given car.

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