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Woman Walking Dog on Long Island Beach Records Most Random Plane Crash Ever

It’s most certainly not every day that you watch a plane crash unfold right in front of your eyes when you’re the only person around to see it. For TikTok user, @barbinchargethat’s precisely what would happen as she was spending what appeared to be an otherwise calm and normal day on an empty beach in Long Island.

The video started off like one that would probably just end up being for the personal collection, not to share with the world. There’s really not much action in quiet scenery recorded at the local beach. However, as the person behind the camera continued to film, she would soon notice something that seemed out of place. This would quickly turn this video from something simple into a clip to be seen around the world by millions of people.

Down the shoreline, a small aircraft would begin to fly relatively low. It was at this point that our host, @barbincharge, began to film the sky, likely noticing that something was awry.

That feeling ended up being absolutely correct as the plane got so low to the point that it ended up having to participate in a crash landing on the beach. Fortunately, it does look like the person behind the controls here was experienced enough to make sure that the unfortunate situation was relatively drama free, touching down in the sand before ending up in the water. Per the caption on the video, everyone was able to walk away from the situation after the fact.

Below, we check in with the video that is pretty incredible to say the least. This definitely feels like one of those situations where absolutely nobody would believe you if you didn’t have a camera to take a video.

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