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World’s Best Drivers Race WILD Swamp Cars 🇺🇸 🐊

Just when we thought that we had seen it all, along comes some sort of video on the internet that shows us that we have seen nothing. This is especially true when we take a glance through the Red Bull YouTube channel. For an energy drink company, Red Bull certainly has an interesting way of marketing itself that hits the viral stratosphere pretty frequently as they put their name on some incredibly interesting things that are wildly outside of the norm.

This time, one of those interesting things just so happens to be swamp racing. As a form of motorsport that I had personally never heard of, I couldn’t help but want to really dig into this want to see what it was all about.

Red Bull tells us that “Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Formula One drivers, Max Verstappen & Yuki Tsunoda turned their F1 racing skills to a new challenge in the everglades: Swamp Buggy Racing! Joined by Supercross champion Jett Lawrence and skateboarding legend Zion Wright they get down and dirty in the specially adapted 900 horsepower V8 buggies. The amphibious racers have a clutch, two gears and NO BRAKES.”

For those who might think that swamp racing is just an offshoot marketing effort, it appears as if that’s certainly not the case.

When take a look over these machines, it seems as if a lot of money, time, and effort have gone into creating these swamp racers that compete on a regular basis. A spin around the web shows that the sport is alive and thriving as well. When push comes to shove, these bad-to-the-bone machines certainly seem to offer up a lot of power as well, throwing drivers back in their seats as they throttle down and unleash that power in the unsuspecting swamp.

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