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You’ll Be SHOCKED How Far a Chevy Silverado EV Can Tow vs a Gas Ford F-150!

As the debate between combustion and electric-powered vehicles rages on, each day provides us with more data to evaluate whether electric vehicles (EVs) can truly compete with the combustion technology currently dominating our streets.

Today, the focus turns to the realm of towing, a critical consideration for many pickup truck buyers. Last year, the electric pickup truck market suffered a significant setback when the Ford Lightning EV, one of its flagship models, struggled to even come close to living up to towing expectations.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the Lightning was an early attempt at towing with an electric vehicle. Perhaps the technology needed time to mature before it could effectively fulfill the task at hand.

In this context, we fast forward to the present and introduce the Chevrolet Silverado EV. Previously, there were discussions about the hefty price tag of the work truck version of this model, which comes in at $79,800. Naturally, when investing such a substantial sum in a basic workhorse, buyers expect robust capabilities.

To assess whether the Silverado EV lives up to these expectations, it is tasked with towing a 6,500-pound trailer as it hits the highways. In the other corner of this comparison, we have a Ford F-150 Lariat powered by a gasoline engine with a 3.5 L EcoBoost setup that will be pulling along an equal amount of weight to set the benchmark for comparison.

The question at hand is whether electric pickup truck technology has progressed sufficiently to compete head-to-head with combustion engines when it comes to towing heavy loads. Does the EV have what it takes, or is there still work to be done before electric vehicles truly become a compelling option for those who need to tow substantial payloads? Tune in with The Fast Lane Truck in the video below to discover the answer!

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