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Your Top 3 Favorite Street Outlaws Moments of 2022

Street Outlaws is one of those shows that always brings us more action than we can ask for. Simply put, the idea of taking high-powered race cars and throwing them on the street to have competitive racers going head-to-head is enough to really keep us glued to our screens. Beyond that, the show also digs into the lives of these competitors and what exactly it means to dedicate themselves to racing on such a high level. The long story short is that it isn’t as simple as hopping behind the wheel of a car and mashing a gas pedal. The result is something that has drawn the attention of fans over a ton of seasons and several different spinoffs shows as well.

As Street Outlaws has escalated to the point where it is today, let’s just say that things aren’t always as simple as they used to be. Now that the whole crew from the 405 is on top of their game and has really learned a lot, the way that the show presents itself today is most certainly a different product than we were offered back in season one.

With that, we find a whole new list of challenges and tribulations that these guys go through in order to make it to the top.

This time, we check in with a compilation of some of the fan-favorite moments from Street Outlaws this year. From the big moment that showcased Chief and Shawn split up at Midwest Street Cars to list shake-ups and more, 2022 has been an action-packed year that has brought us a lot to love. By following along with the video below, we dive into some of the moments from over the year that we will simply never forget. As the year has seemed to breeze past us in a hurry, it has certainly left behind some moments that will go down in Street Outlaws history.