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YouTuber Builds the World’s Fastest Roomba, AKA Vroomba, Because Why Not?

In the scheme of car culture, there is a pretty big segment that is all about going fast. We spend lots of time figuring out the best combination of parts to make our rides go as fast as possible and when we figure the combination out, lots of money follows as these parts generally aren’t cheap.

On the outside looking in, folks who don’t get it probably think that some of us are a little bit crazy and maybe we are. After all, we are spending thousands of dollars just to shave off a couple of tenths of a second down the quarter mile or around the track but when we get to that time slip that’s exactly what we wanted, it’s more than worth it.

This time, we get to be the ones on the outside looking in at somebody who’s making something go fast and doing something that doesn’t seem to make a lot of practical sense.

In this demonstration, we check in with YouTube creator, electrosync, who decided to take a typical robot vacuum cleaner and make it something that the folks behind it never intended it to be – incredibly fast.

Just like modifying a car, this particular creator swaps out all sorts of parts and tests different combinations to see which one works best. When push comes to shove, we think that he likely has what can be called the world’s fastest Roomba.

Below, we get to join in on this adventure over on YouTube where our host takes us through some of the technical details of this build that make it special. I’m not sure that the record of the world’s fastest Roomba is necessarily something that’s going to be tackled by anyone else anytime soon. However, it is quite a joy to watch these gears in motion, deciphering the thought process of what it takes to create such a machine.