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18-Year-Old Pilot Makes Emergency Landing on Route 66

When it comes to the list of things that people don’t want to see happen in an airplane, there is one thing and one thing only that truly dominates this list of items. Naturally, the worst fear of anybody aboard something that is soaring through the sky is for that thing to lose power. Doing so is basically guaranteeing that you’re going to drop from the sky. How quickly that happens, though, is key to the safety of everyone on board.

Just because the craft that you find yourself in is no longer under power isn’t to say that all hope is lost, though. Instead, an experienced pilot might just be able to save the airplane in question, especially if it’s a smaller craft that’s a bit more manageable. Throw in some focus and a little bit of luck with the right landing space and you might have yourself the formula for a safe recovery.

This time, we tune into a story that involves an 18-year-old pilot who would find himself facing just this very situation.

Not only was this young pilot up in the air with an aircraft that had lost power. He also found himself in a situation where his grandmother and two cousins were along for the ride as well. Staying calm could be a challenging situation but doing so while keeping three other people calm as well has to be an art in and of itself.

Below, we tune in with the situation that has this 18-year-old maneuvering the best way that he possibly can to guide the craft a safely. After losing power, one thing leads to another and the aircraft is touching down on iconic Route 66. When push comes to shove, this is an awesome story but definitely not how you want your day to end. However, we would think that those on board are probably pretty grateful that they were able to walk away from this one unharmed.