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YouTuber Rips Apart a Squatted Truck For the Fun of it Because he Can

If you’re looking for destruction, look no further than the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel. Our host over at WD has really put together a reputation for destroying just about everything that he lays hands on. It doesn’t matter if it’s a six-figure truck or a sought-after classic. If it has wheels or even if it doesn’t, there’s a good chance that he is all about destroying it.

Up until this point in time, most of the vehicles that we have seen on the channel have been ones that people have really wanted. For example, we would watch the likes of a truck built for SEMA and even an Audi R8 completely ruined. This time, though, instead of the comment section being littered with people who want to save the vehicle in question, it seems like many more people have decided that they want to applaud the effort.

Ever since the idea had debuted, trucks that sport was known as the “Carolina Squat” have really been controversial. For those unfamiliar, it’s basically when somebody only uses half of a lift kit and leaves the back of the suspension stock while the front of the truck is lifted in the air. We aren’t here to judge but it definitely seems like something that’s a little bit more dangerous than your typical automotive modification. It’s also something that has picked up massive levels of heat no matter where it’s shown.

After WD picked one of these things up, commenters got incredibly excited to see what the YouTuber would do with the controversial vehicle. This time, he takes things to a new level, completely ripping the truck, limb from limb, as he desecrates what was once somebody’s pride and joy. However, it seems like the ratio of love to hate in the comments section insists that this is more of a public service than anything.