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YouTube’s Second Most Popular Barn Find is an Incredible Time Capsule With 350 Miles

The concept of the barn find is an incredibly exciting one for automotive enthusiasts. We never know when we’re going to stumble upon a car that’s hiding away and has a lot of potentials. In garages, storage units, and even the occasional field, we will stumble upon a gem of a machine that has simply been forgotten about. However, just because it’s been forgotten about isn’t to say that it fails to be amazing. Instead, some of the craziest cars that we have ever seen have been a part of a barn find the situation.

This time, we check in with such a situation as YouTube creator, AMMO NYC, unearths quite a wild ride. While the Datsun 280z isn’t exactly the rarest car in the world, finding one that has just 350 miles on the clock is. There’s really something special about stumbling upon a vehicle that is as close to showroom condition as this one is while also being so old. The fact that it has fewer miles than some new demonstration cars on lots today is nothing short of astonishing and really something that makes this piece much different than the rest.

When approaching the old-school Datsun, our host decides that he wants to give the machine a bath, something that he has done time and time again with barn finds just like this one. The detailer has put his hands on a variety of different cars over on his channel and brought new life to each and every one of them. However, it seems as if viewers have really taken a special liking to this one because of the nature of the find.

In fact, this video with 14 million views over the past two years has climbed to become the second most popular barn find video in all on YouTube. If you’re wondering what the first most popular video is, you can find more information on that one here.

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