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One never truly knows what’s going to happen when they leave the house in the morning. Sure, almost every day is probably going to end in a pretty normal fashion for most folks. However, every once in a while, something extraordinary happens and it can be in a good way or a bad way.

In this particular situation, when Sean, our host at AutotopiaLA ended up going for a ride, it was a wild day to say the least. A lot of people would love to get in the passenger seat of a 1300-hp monster and roll around in the streets filming videos. For Sean, though, he had done this same thing hundreds of times before in countless fast rides. This day is one that would definitely stand out in his memory bank, though.

He recalls that the day started pretty typically as the ’64 Mercury Comet rolled into the shooting location and the crew got footage of the car sitting still with Sean beginning his interview. When Sean and the owner of the car, Russ, decided to get into the machine, things began to go a little bit awry. There was nothing that was too far out of the ordinary. As builders of hot rods know, some minor things can tend to go wrong and it doesn’t really raise too many red flags. This time, for example, a little bit of a sticky throttle caused a raised eyebrow but seemed like something safe enough to continue along with.

Unfortunately, though, this sticky throttle combined with riding the brakes to combat the throttle condition ended with a catastrophic outcome.

In the video below, we relive that insane day with our host recapping exactly what happened to him and the driver of the vehicle. It’s pretty cool that Sean took the time to make an informative and interesting video out of a situation that could otherwise be written off as a standalone crazy clip and a bad situation.