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18-Year-Old Rips in 3200HP Viper on the Street – “The 6-Second Kid”

Do you remember what you were driving when you turned 18 years old? For those of us who did have vehicles around the time that we graduated high school, they were likely big piles of junk. Maybe some of us got lucky and found a vehicle that everything worked on and maybe had a couple of trick features like a CD player. It was probably for the better as most 18-year-olds would probably wrap something with any serious power around a light pole.

This time, though, we check in with an 18-year-old who is doing things just a bit differently. Let’s just say that the Viper’s new driver is a bit more advanced behind the wheel than most people his age.

Milan Patel has been around insane horsepower his entire life. It’s only natural as his dad, Sal Patel, has been the owner of one of the world’s fastest Vipers for quite some time. The Viper is in addition to a variety of other rowdy toys in the Patel family garage as well. As the other cars rotate in and out, though, this car seems to be the mainstay that isn’t going anywhere, even withstanding a pretty nasty wreck a couple of years ago to be revived once again as the king of the stable of horsepower.

Fast forward a couple of years and Milan is now firmly in control of the car after dad handed over the keys and he’s showing off the fact that he’s a natural! We would only imagine that driver’s ed must’ve been an absolute breeze with this sort of background.

Thanks to the folks over at That Racing Channel, we get to take a closer look at everyone’s favorite Viper, a 3,200 hp monster that now has a new generation behind the wheel. With the help of a 542 cubic inch V10 and a pair of 88 mm turbos, this certainly isn’t a machine that we would want to run into in a dark alley.

Down in the video below, we catch up with Milan and the family heirloom that really lays down the law.

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