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187 Customs Dives Into Winter Project, Upgrading Aiden’s Chevelle

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially getting to that time of year when we start to consider our winter projects. While we would absolutely love for racing action to continue in full force all the way through the winter, at some point, we all just have to accept that it’s time to wind down and spend a couple of months in the garage building something to break out when the weather becomes nice once again.

This is the case across the racing scene including some of the fan favorites on Street Outlaws. In this particular case, we take a look inside the garage of the one and only Shawn Ellington aka “M*rder Nova” to see exactly what his winter projects are going to look like.

In this particular example from his YouTube channel, 187 Customs, we learn all about a winter project that’s going to involve his son, Aiden’s, Chevelle. Fans of 187 Customs have been watching the Chevelle come together to make an insanely cool first car for Ellington’s son. As Shawn tells us, he wants to figure out that perfect middle ground of easing Aiden into horsepower before just throwing him behind the wheel of some of Shawn’s serious race cars.

So, how exactly is he going to get there? In this particular video, we learn all about the prospect of the winter project as the topics of a roll cage, mini tub, and other possible modifications for the Chevelle are brought up. I think that we all remember our first cars and trying to make them as cool as possible. What better situation could a young driver have than having a Street Outlaws legend turning the wrenches to bring their first car a little bit more pep in that step?

See the project come together for yourself in the video below.

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