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AZN Throws Down in Closest Race of the Season vs Modded ZR1

One of the entertaining things about comparing and contrasting true street cars is that there are so many different combinations that the head-to-head possibilities are endless. When it comes to the big tire format that the Street Outlaws had been observing for the last couple of seasons, yes, the cars were much faster but to the common observer, big tire racing machines also much more similar to one another than true street cars.

This season, as the rules have dialed back the potential for the combinations that we see hit the streets, there are tons of different match ups that we watch go toe to toe.

In this particular case, we see a familiar face in AZN as he brings his Jeeper Sleeper to the table. With a touch of nitrous and an all-wheel-drive system that is guaranteed to hook on any surface, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is most certainly going to be a handful on the street. However, it does come with a bit of a challenge to overcome as the Jeep isn’t exactly the most aerodynamic vehicle to ever hit the streets.

In the other lane, though, this time, we have one of the most potent cars produced in recent years. We’re talking about the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a machine that is a handful from the factory but in this case has clearly been modified to be even faster.

So, will AZN’s AWD capabilities be enough to propel him from the starting line and carry him to a victory or will Gene Griffith’s ZR1 flex its muscles and show that RWD muscle and its weight savings is the way to get the job done? Below, we check in with one of the closest races out of the current Street Outlaws season to get to the bottom of it.