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Corvette C7 ZR1 Among the Cars Tied up in Spectator Drag Wrecks at Freedom Factory

One of the riskiest undertakings that one can hop in their vehicle and partake in would be the spectator drags. For those unfamiliar, this event is basically a circle track race that drivers bring their own vehicles to and have at it. It’s basically like a drag race except you have to trust that your opponent can actually judge a corner. The collection of factors means that every once in a while, someone ends up going home with a little bit more damage than they showed up with.

We aren’t talking about purpose-built racing machines going at it, either. Instead, just like a test n tune night at the drag strip, these events will frequently host rides that people likely drove to the track and might even end up driving to work the next day as well.

This time, we check in with spectator drags that are hosted at the one and only Freedom Factory. The one thing really stands out in this one is that a number of cars end up getting into a wreck after they just pushed it a little bit too far. The crazy part about a video like this is that plenty of the videos pictured involve cars that most certainly look like they still have a loan against them. On top of that, imagine trying to explain to your insurance company that you just wrecked your new car!

One of the more cringeworthy moments comes when the driver behind the wheel of a C7 Corvette ZR1 ends up colliding with the wall. It certainly takes some courage to go out there and race a car like that and it hurts inside to watch it make contact with the wall.

Follow along with the video below from BoostedMotorsports that features a variety of drivers who are probably out there wishing that maybe they didn’t push it so hard.

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