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Engine Builder Looks Over Chief n Jackie’s Pile of Engine Parts! Why Did They Break a Rod?

When the engine blows up, it’s certainly not a good time. Sometimes, one might feel as if they just want to put their head on a pillow and go to sleep for a while, forgetting all about it. However, when all of that is said and done, it’s time to get back to business, figuring out exactly what went wrong and if it can be fixed or if it just needs to be replaced altogether.

When it comes time to tear down the engine, deciphering exactly what went wrong can sometimes provide a little bit of a challenge. Sure, there might be certain signs that present an idea of what exactly failed within the engine to put it in this predicament. However, without tearing it down and having somebody who knows what they are looking at, any guess wouldn’t be an exact science and it might be dangerous to reuse some of the parts within.

This time, we check in with former Street Outlaws fan favorite, Big Chief, who enlisted the help of an engine builder to go through the pile of parts that remain of Caddy Jack, the Cadillac CTS-V that he and his wife compete in.

When it comes to finding out the problem, it can go a long way toward putting in place a solution to make sure that such an issue doesn’t happen again. This is an issue that getting to the bottom of would help to potentially save some big bucks in the future. After all, nobody wants to open up their bank account for expensive parts if they don’t actually have to.

In the world of racing, nothing is a surefire thing but knowledge is definitely power no matter what arena we are competing in. The art of engine building is certainly no different.

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