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Boater Races Towards Pack of Sea Lions on River

Sometimes, we can’t help but take one look at a video and scratch our heads, wondering what’s going through the minds of certain people.

Unless there is some really big misunderstanding with one particular video that has gone viral recently for all the wrong reasons, it seems as if we’re looking at a person who deserves to be fined at a minimum, if not thrown behind bars for a little bit.

What we do know for sure is that this clip has made quite a large contingent of the internet incredibly angry. Of course, angering the internet isn’t something that’s all that hard to do, but in this particular situation, it seems as if those holding the pitchforks might just be justified.

Inside Edition showcases the footage as a person standing on shore filmed a boat in a river. The boat was speeding along when it plowed right through the middle of a herd of sea lions. With the herd sticking out of the water and creating such a big protrusion, this seems like a situation that would be incredibly difficult to partake in on accident. As if that wasn’t enough, the bystander says that it would appear as if the individual behind the wheel of the boat also made another maneuver, seemingly intentionally plowing into another group of sea lions.

Sea lions are generally non-aggressive and federally protected animals that are illegal to harass, hunt, or ki*l, according to the video.

Therefore, authorities are searching for the person behind the controls of this boat. If caught and convicted, such actions could come with pretty serious consequences. We’re told that a fine of up to $28,000 could be levied upon the boater. Depending on how the judge rules, the actions could also come with the penalty of one year in jail.

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