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Ryan Martin Talks Wrecking in Australia, What to Expect With NPK Season 6 Rule Changes

It’s absolutely no secret that the a great number of members of the Street Outlaws crew are always on the move. Sure, racers can pick and choose which events they want to attend or which series they want to race in. However, there are quite a few competitors who try to race in just about all of the possible options.

One of the competitors that constantly has his hands full is Ryan Martin. As a perennial front-runner, Martin seems to be one to always have his fingers in some sort of racing. Over the past couple of months, that meant heading to the land down under and competing in Australia.

This time, Martin checks in to do an interview with the “Street Outlaws Stat Guy.”

In the interview, Martin takes a moment to reflect on how exactly the Australia trip went and how it put him out of his element. At one point the interview, Martin talks about what it means to adjust to an entirely new environment in Australia, something that’s especially complicated when one has an issue like getting into an accident as Martin did.

As if transporting an entire racing operation to a different continent wasn’t enough, there is another racing series quickly approaching on the horizon – No Prep Kings. NPK is about as big as it gets in terms of a racing series.

As NPK is about to get booted up for the season, a recent stir has come about in regard to the rulebook. Of course, when it comes to drag racing, there is always drama and with the release of the rulebook, things are no different. Not only are there some pretty substantial changes written in the rules now, including a tire size change. Competitors also have a relatively short period of time to adjust their racing machines before NPK officially kicks off in the near future.

Below, the interview touches base on the recent past, present, and future, to give fans an idea of what exactly has been going on in the world of Ryan Martin

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