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Chevrolet to Offer Diesel-Powered Off-Road Full Size Pickup in 2024

When it comes to the off-road performance pickup truck market, it almost feels like our options are limited to offerings from Ford and Ram with the Raptor and the TRX, respectively. It could be pretty easy to forget that General Motors even offers an off-road-oriented platform because it’s never talked about.

If you ask YouTube creator Brian Mello, why exactly that is, he might say that it’s because of a lack of engine options. The Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 does offer an off-road-friendly package akin to what one might expect from the aforementioned models presented by the competition. However, as the truck sports the typical 6.2L V8 that one would find in just about any other Silverado, it can be hard for enthusiasts to really get excited about the ZR2.

However, Mello reports in a recent video that perhaps that is all about to change. Apparently, the rumblings around the community are saying that the 2024 version of the truck could potentially receive a Duramax diesel option.

The creator says that he had been hoping that GM would drop in its 3L LM2 Duramax diesel engine into the ZR2. Instead, though, these rumblings say that the 2024 version of the truck will receive the LZ0 Duramax, which is essentially an updated version of the LM2.

The idea here is that the truck will receive lots of torque, which is essential for off-roading situations, all while retaining the fuel-efficient capabilities that these smaller diesel engines have become incredibly popular for. It’s really a win-win!

In addition, the truck will receive a couple of other bells and whistles that make it a bit more interesting to drive. In the video below, our host dissects the potential for a new engine and some of the other features that we might see in the upcoming Silverado ZR2.