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Hennessey’s “Venom 775” is What the 2021 Lightning Should’ve Been

When Ford released the Lightning in 2021 as an all-electric pickup truck, needless to say, there was a bit of a stir here in the enthusiast community.

On one hand, we get it. Ford isn’t here to appease enthusiasts all the time. Instead, they need to do what’s most profitable and try to get ahead of the game when it comes to figuring out what the next trend in the industry is going to be. Naturally, it looks like electric vehicles are going to play a big part in the future of the automotive landscape, like it or not.

However, even with this understanding, the fact that the brand used the Lightning name, a moniker once reserved for a Ford high-performance pick up truck, and attached it to an all-electric offering, didn’t exactly sit well with many performance enthusiasts, especially those who had a love for the original Lightning.

When push comes to shove, I guess none of this really matters as enthusiasts can cry foul but what does it really all amount to?

Even though Ford doesn’t seem to be too interested in reviving the supercharged Lightning street truck, there are companies that will cater to an enthusiast’s every want and need. For example, Hennessey Performance has decided that they will continue to produce high horsepower combustion-powered monsters as long as there are people there to buy them.

This time, the truck, in particular, that’s featured started out as a regular cab short bed Ford F-150. In order to spice things up, the “Venom 775” package has been paired with a 3.0 L twin-screw supercharger upgrade and air to water intercooler system among other modifications. When it all comes together, we find a truck that makes just over 600 hp at the tires and is definitely a machine that has to be a blast to drive.

Down in the video below, Hennessey takes us along for the ride as the incredible truck hits the dyno rollers. We are told that the truck also features a coil-over suspension lowering kit along with 22-inch wheels for that street truck appearance.

VENOM 775 | Supercharged F-150s by Hennessey Performance.