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Chuck Seitsinger, Hungry For a Win “Would Have Ruined a $100k Motor Just to Beat Him” at NPK

When heading into a No Prep Kings event, there is definitely a ton going on for fans to sink their teeth into. One could be completely entertained by simply watching the action that unfolds on the track.

However, for those who really want to dig deep and go behind the scenes, YouTube is a treasure trove of content as many of our favorite Street Outlaws stars and No Prep Kings competitors have decided to post their point of view in vlog videos that provide another layer of depth to the action.

This time, the video just so happens to come from the Chuck Seitsinger camp as he takes us through a weekend at Summit Motorsports Park to bring us the action from his point of view. In this one, Chuck talked a little bit about bringing his Ford Mustang, “Second Amendment” along to try to get it to the promised land of winning at NPK.

In the video, we learn a little bit about how Chuck approaches the starting light and how there sometimes is a little bit of drama when it comes to competitors thinking that he’s guessing when the light will turn green instead of just going when the tree lights up.

He also takes a moment to spill the beans about some of the races that he was involved in at Norwalk, chiming in about experiences with Jerry Bird and Kye Kelley. In fact, he even gives us the rundown of a situation where he tells us that he would be willing to ruin a six-figure engine just to be able to beat Kelley.

With the video below, we learn about all this and more to see exactly how a top-tier racing operation like this rolls as it heads to a No Prep Kings outing.