fb-pixel Clarkson, Hammond, and May quit “The Grand Tour” in 2024
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Clarkson, Hammond, and May quit “The Grand Tour” in 2024

Jeremy Clarkson, known for his charismatic and controversial persona, has often found himself embroiled in controversy. It’s no secret that the presenter manages to get himself into some hot water that can make the people paying the bills incredibly uncomfortable. The crazy part is that no matter what controversy has popped up that promises Clarkson will be canceled, he always lands on his feet.

However, the most recent controversy involving Clarkson seems to have triggered the potential demise of “The Grand Tour,” a show he co-hosted with Richard Hammond and James May, created after their departure from “Top Gear.”

The controversy emerged when Clarkson made inappropriate comments about England’s royal family, leading Amazon to reportedly decide against renewing the series. The crew is set to film a final episode in Zimbabwe, and Clarkson confirmed that after the remaining episodes air in 2024, there will be no more “Grand Tour.”

Rumors about the potential cancellation of “The Grand Tour” had been circulating, suggesting that “Top Gear,” once regarded as the most iconic automotive television production, is also facing an uncertain future.

The show was already on hold after a December 2022 crash involving presenter Freddie Flintoff. A recent release stated that the show has stopped production for the “foreseeable future,” leaving fans to ponder the fate of these two iconic car shows.

If both “The Grand Tour” and “Top Gear” come to an end, questions arise about the future of automotive entertainment. The BBC reported that after the crash, Flintoff from Top Gear settled for $11.3 million, but they also mentioned that they have other projects in mind for the current hosts, including Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris. Enthusiasts are left to wonder where the next chapter of automotive entertainment will emerge, as the specifics of these projects and their potential connection to “Top Gear” are yet to be determined.