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Cutting Holes in Murder Nova’s New $6,000 Front End!

If there’s one thing that we can definitely tell you for sure about racing, it’s that it’s definitely not cheap. Not only are there the essential components that everybody would first think about. We all know that the engine is going to cost a ton of money, the transmission will probably be a pretty penny, and all of that fabrication costs a ton.

However, the expenses really go beyond that.

Sure, these featured components are likely the bulk of the load but all of the little parts that add together to nickel and dime you are really where things start to get pricey. For example, putting a new front end on Street Outlaws’ Murder Nova costs $6,000!

As we know, though, just about everything with these cars is custom and sometimes that means making some cuts. In this particular situation, that $6000 front end would meet a saw to create a little bit more breathing room for the Chevrolet’s turbos.

This time, we get to join in with a vlog video from 187 Customs that takes us behind the scenes!

In this one, not only do we get to see the nailbiter of a moment that has this expensive piece being hacked into. We also get to do a little bit of hanging out in the shop as well. These sorts of videos provide the perfect opportunity to catch up with some of our favorite Street Outlaws when they aren’t on the show.

Even though there is a lot of effort going on when the television cameras are rolling, these videos show us that most times, there is even more effort going on behind the scenes. When push comes to shove, television only shows a small sliver of the work that’s invested in making one of these cars amazing. With a video like the one below, we get a little bit closer to getting the full picture.

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