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Dennis Collins Uncovers a Time Capsule, 7 Square Body Trucks Frozen in Time

One of the awesome things about hunting for classic cars is that one never knows what it is that they will find. Hiding out in garages across the country and sometimes fields as well, there are all sorts of classic machines just waiting for a little bit of love or maybe a new life.

While sometimes, the machines in question need to undergo substantial restoration to bring them back to what they once were, other times, the cars and trucks can be frozen in time, simply preserved in the condition that they were when they rolled off the assembly line.

This time, Dennis Collins stumbles across a collection of vehicles located “in the middle of nowhere” in Pennsylvania. The trucks that range from the 70s to the 90s seem to fall into the latter category where they are “frozen in time” with incredibly low mileage.

Naturally, these sorts of trucks have been known to bring pretty big money. However, it’s not just about that, we could just sit here and look at these machines for hours in awe. There’s just something incredible about seeing an old-school ride like these that looks exactly as they did when they came from the factory that has a way of putting us in the setting of what things were like in that era.

Down in the video below, Collins takes us on a tour of this garage that has some incredibly special rides inside. In addition to checking in with the square body trucks, there are also a couple of other machines like a 68 Chevelle and 63 Impala that are looking for a new owner as well.

In most cases like these, the buyer is going to want to get a good deal so that they can make money on the ride and question. Personally, though, I feel like it would be pretty hard to have the restraint to not just go and buy everything in sight no matter what the asking price.


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