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Dinsmore Racing Nitro Funny Car Hits The Dyno

In the adrenaline-fueled world of drag racing, power is paramount. And when it comes to sheer, unadulterated horsepower, few vehicles can rival the Nitro Funny Car. These roaring machines, capable of accelerating from 0 to over 300 mph in under four seconds, are the epitome of automotive performance and engineering prowess. Recently, Austin-Dinsmore Racing took their Nitro Funny Car to get dyno’d before this weekend’s race.

Ron Capps – “Anyone wondering what my hero Pat Austin has been up to? How bout a Nitro Funny Car on a dyno….” Capps’ caption read. He excitedly invited fans to witness the result of his hard work and dedication. But this was just the beginning of the story. 

Capps, known for his unparalleled skill behind the wheel and his deep appreciation for the sport’s history, shared a captivating image on social media, accompanied by a caption that hinted at the involvement of his hero, Pat Austin. In the post, Capps teased fans by revealing behind-the-scenes testing, showcasing meticulous preparation for peak track performance.

Pat Austin, a drag racing legend, constantly pushes speed and power boundaries. Austin’s decades-long career amassed his vast knowledge and experience, earning reverence from racers and fans. And now, alongside his son Drew Austin, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport. 

Pat Austin and "The Double" | NHRA

As the Austin-Dinsmore Racing team fine-tuned their machine on the dyno, the question on everyone’s mind was clear: How much horsepower does a Nitro Funny Car really make? In the high-stakes world of NHRA drag racing, where every fraction of a second counts, power is king. And when it comes to these fire-breathing monsters, the numbers are staggering.

A typical Nitro Funny Car engine is a marvel of engineering, producing upwards of 11,000 horsepower. Yes, you read that right – 11,000 horsepower. To put that into perspective, that’s more than ten times the power output of a modern Formula 1 car. It’s a mind-boggling figure that defies comprehension, yet it’s the reality for these thunderous machines hurtling down the quarter-mile.


But horsepower alone isn’t enough to guarantee victory in the cutthroat world of drag racing. It takes a combination of skill, strategy, and sheer determination to come out on top. And for the Austin-Dinsmore Racing team, the quest for perfection is never-ending.

With the NHRA Arizona Nationals on the horizon, the team is laser-focused on their goal – to dominate the competition and leave their mark on the sport they love. And as they put the finishing touches on their Nitro Funny Car, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch.

“Testing. Testing. Can anyone hear this?!” Capps exclaimed in his post, echoing the sentiment of every drag racing enthusiast eagerly awaiting the roar of engines and the smell of burning rubber. For the Austin-Dinsmore Racing team, the dyno serves as their proving ground, where dreams are realized and champions are forged.

So, as the countdown to race day begins, one thing is certain – all eyes will be on Firebird Motorsports Park as the legends of drag racing converge for a weekend of high-octane action. And with Ron Capps, Pat Austin, and the Austin-Dinsmore Racing team leading the charge, fans can expect nothing short of pure, adrenaline-fueled excitement.

In the world of NHRA drag racing, where every moment counts and victory is measured in thousandths of a second, one thing is clear – the quest for speed never ends. And with Nitro Funny Cars blazing down the track at speeds that defy comprehension, the thrill of the chase continues unabated. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. The countdown to greatness has begun. 

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