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F1 Drivers Race the SLOWEST Vehicle Possible

If we were to ask a variety of competitive drivers about the things that they wouldn’t race, the list might be rather short or probably nonexistent. If we take a quick glance at YouTube, we find all sorts of these races showing off rather competitive individuals taking on just about any format in the name of victory.

This time, Red Bull is the one bringing us the action and it’s a little bit slower than normal. However, with a competition like this, we still can’t help but want to see how it’s all going to pan out. Just because somebody is successful behind the wheel of a racing machine and would consider themselves a professional racing driver, does that necessarily mean that they have what it takes to conquer while behind the wheel of anything?

In this particular competition, that so-called “anything” just so happens to be a massive Zamboni. Yes, we are talking about the machine that hockey teams use to clean off the ice every now and again. The particular Zamboni in question is quite a slow mover. Weighing in at 6000 pounds, this thing is akin to a full-size pick up truck. With a 2.5 L motor and a less than 10 mph top speed, it’s going to be a pretty technical race to the finish line this time as four competitors throw down with one another to see who is the quickest on a time trial course.

On one hand, we have professional race car drivers, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez and Yuki Tsunoda. On the less experienced side of driving, these drivers are going to be throwing down against Olympic Gold medalist and snowboard legend Seb Toots and Hockey Superstar PK Subban in what might just be the world’s slowest time trial challenge.

By following along with the video below, we get to see just how interesting things can be even when they aren’t happening at incredible speeds.