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FAST & FURIOUS 4 GT-R Sells For Record Price

As much as we would all love to add some of our favorite movie cars to the garage, it could be an incredibly expensive endeavor. If you want anything that was screen used from the Fast and Furious universe, you can expect to spend big bucks. If it’s one of the popular cars from the series, we would expect to spend well in the six figure range as an appetizer with some of the more sought after cars finding their way well over $1 million.

Recently, the blue Nissan GT-R from the fourth installment in the franchise crossed the auction block at Bonhams, yielding the highest price tag ever for a Nissan. When the final hammer dropped, the car would sell for $1.18 million. If you include fees, the cost to the buyer skyrocketed to $1.357 million.

Sidenote – with auction houses collecting nearly $200,000 for hosting such a ride, maybe we are all in the wrong line of work.

The car was just one of two Fast and Furious cars that have found their way to the news feeds lately because they’ve been offered for sale.

One of five examples of the Mazda RX7 used to portray Dominic Toretto’s car in the first film is also going up for bid. The car might not look as such because it was later repurposed to become the “Orange Julius” RX7 in the second film. This machine will head to Mecum later this week as the Indy auction will be underway from May 12-20.

Fast expert, Craig Lieberman, predicts that this car could bring as much as $250,000. It currently sits similarly to what it looked like on screen in the second movie after being reconditioned my a Mazda specialist. However, Lieberman comments that he thinks it might do a little bit better at auction if it were to be re-sprayed with the red livery that was on the RX7 in the original movie.

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