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WE ALMOST GOT A CLEAN SWEEP! Street Outlaws Friends in Fast Places S15 Ep6 Behind the Scenes

The game street racing is one that is incredibly layered. While one might think that they have themselves set up for complete domination, sometimes, the opposition has something up its sleeve that is simply unforeseen, taking those thoughts of domination and turning them around.

However, for those racers who really have their stuff together and compete on a regular basis, from time to time, they are going to go out there and dominate. In fact, we might even go as far as saying that if somebody steps up to the plate who isn’t as prepared as the crew from Street Outlaws the odds most certainly aren’t in their favor and a sweep is very much on the table.

This time, we get to go behind the scenes yet again, with the dynamic duo of FarmtruckandAZN. Of course, fans of Street Outlaws are able to catch the show Monday nights on Discovery. However, thanks to YouTube, we’re able to go behind the scenes in a way like never before as fan-favorite racers give us an entirely new layer of content to really sink our teeth into.

Perhaps, the show leaves some concepts to be explained or maybe leaves a little bit of meat on the bone in terms of entertaining contact. After all, those producing the show do have to shovel a lot of content into a condensed time slot. We are very much in luck, though, as vlogs like the one below give us a new opportunity to dig into these events like never before.

Tune in this time as the 405 nearly obtains a clean sweep, or at least that’s what it looks like. After watching the sixth episode of the current 15th season of the show, this video will help to provide a little bit more context to some of the situations that might’ve unfolded on screen.