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“Faster With Finnegan” Creates Crazy Stunts With Wheelie Motorhome

With a little bit of creativity and effort, one can have a good time in just about any vehicle type imaginable. We have seen the automotive enthusiast community take hold of all sorts of different machines from golf carts to motor homes and turn them into something that’s an absolute blast to hop behind the wheel of. All that it takes is a willingness to get to your goal and a little bit of ingenuity and you never know what’s possible.

As it turns out, the crew over at “Faster With Finnegan” has all of the above and they aren’t afraid to put these traits to good use.

This time, the platform that we’re treated to is a camper that’s just begging to be used and abused. Ok, maybe most people don’t see something that’s fun to drive when they look at a rusty old camper but that might be the best part!

The goal this time is to make this thing do some wheelies out on the drag strip and have a good time lifting the front end into the air. It’ll be sure to create some pretty epic-looking sequences in the process.

The 1978 GMC camper might not exactly be good to live in as it isn’t watertight. However, the machine powered by a small block 400 ci engine with a th400 transmission and a 14-bolt rear end is perfect for the goal at hand. These are definitely some solid parts for those looking to really do some hounding on the hardware.

This time, we ride along as the recreational vehicle hits the track, hoping for a little bit of hangtime.

By following along with the video below, we get to see how the camper that might as well be on its way to the dump can be used for one last hurrah.

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