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FedEx Truck Slams Into 100-Car Pileup at Full Speed

As winter conditions find their way to many parts of the country at this time of year, roadway conditions can get rather treacherous. With snow falling and temperatures getting below freezing, it might look like a winter wonderland but it’s important to remember that one never knows what one might encounter out there on the open road. It’s best to be prepared for all conditions because things can escalate quickly, even when you think you’re just going for a casual cruise.

Unfortunately, it seems to be that the ice that is much harder to see is what ends up causing the biggest issues. This “black ice” blends right in with the surface of the road and leaves vehicle brake systems useless as drivers look for a way out.

Every year, there seem to be major accidents caused by these roadway conditions. In this particular situation, we take a look back at a situation on Ft. Worth’s I-35 that mangled over 100 cars in a massive pileup. One thing leads to another and before we know it a few cars collide and block the roadway before the floodgates of vehicles really open up. The situation got even worse as big rigs hurled down the highway, also losing access to their braking ability, and drivers could do nothing but plow straight into traffic that was essentially a group of sitting ducks.

When all was said and done, reports say that at least five people were killed in the incident and others were injured in what was eventually labeled as a “mass casualty” event. Perhaps the most unsettling part of it all is that, even with perfect reaction times, there wasn’t much of anything that these drivers could do to avoid the wall of traffic that had collected ahead of them on the highway.

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