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Holy Cow! UTV Plows Into Cow at 90 MPH (Multiple Angles)

Early in January, off-road competitors would head to the desert to do a little bit of racing in the Parker 250. The event would take high-performance off-road machines across the desert as they pushed through the obstacles including all sorts of adverse terrain and as much sand as one could imagine getting to the finish line.

This time, though, we check in with a little bit of adversity that none of the racers had expected when competing in the event. Let’s just say that even in the middle of the desert, you might not be getting away from the dangers that one might face on a typical roadway.

Onboard cameras were rolling as two of the competitors in their UTV were blasting along in second place in the competition. It seemed as if the crew had things under control as they were rolling through the desert at speeds of about 90 mph.

However, everything that was calm and collected completely turned to chaos in a matter of seconds when a visitor decided to walk across the path of the speeding UTV.

That’s right, onboard cameras captured the incident as the machine would plow straight into a cow at these high speeds. We are told that all competitors were not injured following the incident. There was no word on the cow but we would be left to assume the worst given the nature of the accident.

Down in the video below, we are able to see the wild moment as it unfolds right in front of our eyes from a variety of different angles. At the end of the day, situations like these are precisely why these rigs are hooked up with all sorts of different safety equipment. This definitely isn’t a situation that any racer wants to be involved in but these two will, fortunately, be able to race another day.

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