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Hurricane Ian Flood Cars are Coming to Auction, Here’s What They’re Selling For

Certainly, following any severe hurricane, we’re most worried about the impact on human life. After that, though, we turn to some other topics like what exactly happens to the cars following a big-time storm.

In the case of Hurricane Ian which recently struck the state of Florida, the chaos was unmatched. A storm of that magnitude hadn’t rolled through the state in quite some time. With that in mind, the destruction was widespread and intense, leaving behind shredded boats, homes, and cars alike. It certainly looked like Ian had no mercy on certain parts of the state.

With that in mind, after such a storm, salvage auction websites like Copart are generally filled with all of these machines that are looking for a new home. While most of them have water damage, analyzing the extent of the damage and deciding if a machine is worth bringing back to life is up to the bidder.

This time, we check in with alecs_garage from TikTok as he takes a spin of Copart to see all of the machines that are cluttering the auction website thanks to Hurricane Ian. There are all sorts of exotics to be found from Ferrari to Aston Martin and Porsche. The only challenge is finding one that hasn’t been deemed unfixable by the insurance company.

While some of these gorgeous machines are titled and able to be rebuilt to be driven on the streets, others have been deemed only appropriate to be used for parts. It’s kind of a shame to see some brand-new and highly sought-after cars that will never touch the street again. Most of the ones that will see the street, though, are certainly going to require a lot of attention.

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