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It’s Official, the First C8 Z06 Has Been Wrecked

By the law of averages, it was only a matter of time before we saw an eighth-generation Corvette Z06 all mangled up from an accident.

One of the perks of living in Michigan is that you get to see all sorts of new cars right after their release and sometimes maybe even before they are released to the general public. After all, the camouflaged test mules have to drive around somewhere. Where better than the capital of motoring?

In this particular case, Michigan residents passing by the scene of the accident last week would see a new Corvette crunched up. In fact, Friday, we would see the first-ever C8 Z06 bite the dust in Bloomfield, MI.

Corvette Blogger reports that the car wasn’t a customer vehicle but instead was owned by Chevrolet itself. Even though this might make for an awkward meeting for the driver at some point in the future, fortunately, it was reported as well that there were no injuries involved in the accident.

The report didn’t say who was at fault but what was stated was that the Corvette was hit on its side by a Volkswagen Jetta. An Instagram post from @zr1_m7 shows the m-plate car that had been involved in the accident. We would probably guess that this particular example is totaled as the rear quarter of the car seems to have taken quite a substantial amount of damage from the incident.

There are a lot of firsts out there and for this driver, they take the unfortunate title of having been the first to wreck a new car. Right now it might feel pretty bad but look at the bright side, this is going to make an awesome story to tell years from now!


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