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JJ Da Boss Debuts New Nova and it’s WICKED!

As Street Outlaws moves into the future, we watch as the racing machines actually take a few steps toward the show’s past. Instead of the expensive big-tire race cars that we have gotten used to with Street Outlaws racing, Street Outlaws: End Game aims at bringing us something a little bit more familiar. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on purpose-built cars, the idea for this new show will be to bring relatable street cars into the mix. In other words, these hot rods will not only be able to be raced. They will also be able to carry out everyday tasks like driving around town and maybe even heading to a car cruise or two.

With each episode of the new season, we have seen another build come to life. One of the latest is that of JJ Da Boss. So far, we have seen quite a few old-school General Motors products come into the fold. With this recent build, JJ brings to life a Chevy of his own, introducing us to a pretty awesome old-school Chevrolet to fill in the need for the Memphis Street Outlaw to have a bonafide street car.

This time, we get a unique opportunity to check out the build as it comes to life. Sure, this car might’ve not started out as much but piece by piece, it is transformed from a typical classic into something that’s going to be incredibly special when push comes to shove and it’s time to go racing.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with a part of the End Game episode that shows off exactly what it is that JJ is cooking up. We can’t help but think that we’re going be keeping an incredibly close eye on this machine and can’t wait to see what kind of damage it can do.


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