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Kye Kelley Prepares Small Tire Car for Debut at Mega Cash Days This Week

The life of a professional racer can tend to be a bit hectic sometimes. This is especially true for competitors like Street Outlaws fan favorite, Kye Kelley, who just so happens to participate in a variety of different racing formats. One might think that because the No Prep Kings season is all wrapped up at this point that it might be time for the competitors to take a vacation. Contrary to popular belief, though, Kelley and many of his competitors are already in the garage and getting ready for the next thing on the list – Mega Cash Days.

This time, we take a little bit of a trip behind the scenes with some racing downtime that means maintenance work time.

As our host tells us, he has several different variations of the one and only “Shocker” Chevrolet Camaro in his garage. The one that we’ve seen most recently is the No Prep Kings shocker. This is the one that sits on a set of big tires.

The variation on the table this time is the machine that’s being called the “Street Shocker” for the time being. Kelly also tells us that he has one other variation of the sinister black Camaro that he’s planning on selling because it doesn’t quite fit the mold for what he’s looking to do on race day.

In any case, the goal at hand this time is to try and take the Street Shocker from its current condition to being race ready for Mega Cash Days. That means swapping the car over to a small tire setup along with making sure all of the details are just right. This means taking apart pretty much every component of the machine and checking it over with a fine tooth comb before re-assembling everything and getting it ready to rock.

According to Kye, he feels as if he has already conquered the big tire track and street scenes so, in his eyes, taking a car with small tires to the street is the last frontier.

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